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On this weeks episode of Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk about LEAPS Virtual Entrepreneurship Academy, and how to enroll. They discuss an article about the due process of the #keepthemhome folks that got sent back to prison, Then they interview Anthony Wright. Anthony is the 344th DNA exoneree in the nation. He did 25 years for a rape/ murder he did not commit. His story is compelling and heart wrenching. Anthony now spends his time advocating for the men and women behind bars, speaking with the youth, advocating for the innocence Project, and so much more.

More about Anthony:

"Live to Tell" The Trial, Conviction, and Exoneration of Anthony Wright:

"Finally Free"- The Anthony Wright Story:

A sudden homecoming for one of the people sent back to prison with no warning:
LEAP Entrepreneurship Rolling Academy Application:

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