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This week on Gin & Justice, the ladies chat with Desmond Meade, the Executive Director of Florida Restorative Rights Coalition, about his advocacy work on behalf of millions of returning citizens.  Desmond has persevered in his work for justice involved individuals, and ultimately led the charge on the right to vote for returning citizens, ultimately getting voting rights restored for millions on Floridians with Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.
FRRC is committed to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against people with convictions.  Desmond's story is truly inspiring, incredible and courageous and you can learn more in his book, Let My People Vote.  

For more information about FRRC and to learn how you can help returning citizens, or if you are a returning citizen and are looking for resources visit:

For more on Desmond:

For Desmond's book "Let My People Vote":

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