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This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda are celebrating National Drug Court Month and what better way to celebrate than hearing the story of a successful graduate! Emil tells his incredible story of the depths of addiction and the courage of his recovery.  He talks about Drug Court saving his life, the importance of utilizing Medicated Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) and how far on his journey he has come.  Emil is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and is such a value to not only his local recovery community, but recovery communities worldwide.  Emil has created a program within his local jail to provide treatment and a path to recovery to those who are justice impacted.   He also tells of the growth and importance of Recovery Communities and his involvement in his local Recovery Alliance (VRA).    

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Ca$hApp: EmilCaron

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To learn more about Drug Courts and how you can help advocate in your area:
National Association for Drug Court Professionals:
National Drug Court Institute:

Hug a friend in recovery today <3 

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