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This weeks episode, Justine and Amanda had he pleasure of chatting with Jia Wertz. Jia  is an independent documentary filmmaker pursuing stories that explore wrongful convictions in the name of protecting the social order.  She is currently investigating the inconsistencies of the American Criminal Justice system through the story of Jeffrey Deskovic (who you may remember from his interview with G&J) and other exonerees to have their freedom restored at the cost of irreparable damage to their minds, relationships and families.

Not only that, Jia is a featured writer for Forbes, Co-host of the Speaking of Crime podcast, the Founder and fashion designer of Studio 15, and the recipient of MANY MANY awards. She is incredible, and really just does it all. We are so grateful to have met and talked about how wrongful conviction changed the direction of her life. 
You can learn more about Jia here:

You can also watch Conviction on Amazon Prime.

To learn more about Jefferey:

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