Show Notes

It's the last Legal brief of the month,  so you know what that means, Justine and Amanda tell listeners all about the people who were added to The National Registry of Exonerations list.

As always we want to thank the hard working folks at for all the hard work they do compiling all of this  information. We highly suggest you check them out.

Even more so, thank you to  Maurice Possley and Ken Otterbourg for putting these stories out there for us to all learn about.

You can read the whole stories about the exonerees mentioned here:

Kimberly Long
Jason Serrano
Willie Robinson
Maurice Harris
George Almond
Darnell Howard
Darnell Harris
Anthony Broadwater
Robert Williams
Adam Braseel
Kevin Strickland
Khalil Islam
Muhammad Aziz

Here is a link to see the emotional moments of Anthony Broadwater's exoneration:

and don't forget to watch the Netflix docuseries "Who Killed Malcolm X?"

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