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First, Happy TWO YEAR Pod-a-versary! Gin & Justice has been highlighting stories of those impacted the criminal justice system for two years this week.  Let's celebrate!

This week on Gin & Justice, the girls talk with Marques Bradham about what it was like growing up with a father in prison.  Marques gets deep with the family trauma caused by addiction, incarceration, and the feelings of abandonment.  Despite all of this, Marques brought it full circle and created his non-profit, called none other than, Full Circle League!  Full Circle League is a re-entry, transitional, holistic program that consists of three, three-month programs to help those who are incarcerated and their families with the transition process and includes trauma healing. 

To learn more about Marques and Full Circle League:
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You can text Healing360 to 44321

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