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Feminism. Resisting. Anti-capitalism. Anti-war. Cuba. 

This week Justine and Amanda talk to Vermont's local lawyer, community activist, teacher, organizer, Sandy Baird.  Sandy talks on, well, a million topics.  She talks about the life she has led, the importance of resistant, protesting, protecting rights. Some call her radical, some just call her rad, but either way she is a fighter for the people since the 70's. Sandy has started a non-profit to help women in need of funding and provides various resources, especially to women escaping domestic violence situations, The Caroline Fund.  Sandy discusses the progression of her career, everything from being a prosecutor on a juvenile docket, to becoming a State representative, running for mayor, and being a lawyer for indigent people and most importantly, teaching others how to represent and advocate for themselves.  Sandy is also teamed up with the Attorney General of the State of Vermont, TJ Donovan, starting the People's Law School.

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