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   Alright folks, this weeks episode is a lot, not going to lie to you.

  First, Justine gives Amanda the low down about the travesty  that is going on in the Rutherford County , Tennessee juvenile justice system.  You can read the full article she references here:

Also the follow up article here:

  Then, Justine and Amanda talk with Sunny Jacobs. Sunny is an INCREDIBLE woman,  a death row exoneree who with her husband, Jesse Tafero were wrongfully convicted in Florida for the murder of a police officer and a Canadian constable in 1976. Unfortunately, their innocence was not proven until two years after Jesse was murdered by the state of Florida. Sunny shares her traumatic experience being the only woman on death row in the US, the isolation torture she endured, and how she survived it all.
   She goes on the tell us about her current husband Peter, who happens to also be a Death Row exoneree in Ireland. In 2012 they began welcoming exonerees into their home and in  2014, the Sunny Center Foundation was established and they were able to extend their assistance more broadly, using a unique holistic approach encompassing physical, mental and spiritual healing and ongoing support. The Sunny Healing Retreat Center, Ireland. In 2018 they opened The Sunny Living Center, a housing complex in Tampa, Florida for exonerees.

You can learn more at:

For more info on the fight to abolish the death penalty, here are a few resources:

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