Show Notes

  On this week's Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda discuss an update in the Pervis Payne case, and the tragic death of a young black woman, Ta'Kiya Young, in the pro-life state of Ohio.
 Then they chat with Tracy Zuluaga and Jessica White of the Post-Conviction Alliance.
The Post-Conviction & Returning Citizens Alliance is a Florida nonprofit organization, 501C3 who in addition to providing legal post-conviction and appellate services also provides connections resources, tools and referrals to returning citizens.   This includes the incarcerated population, their family, friends, and supporters of those directly impacted by incarceration, the criminal justice system and the jail and prison systems. 
For more information on The Post-Conviction Alliance:

Former Tennessee death row inmate Pervis Payne eligible for parole in 4 years:
Ta'Kiya Young: Footage of officer shooting pregnant woman dead in Ohio released by police:

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