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On this episode of Gin & Justice, Amanda gives an update on the TN3,  Florida's latest execution, and Idaho's latest and scariest abortion ban yet. 

  Don't worry though, it's not all that heavy, because they then chat with Vic Ferrari, a retired New York City Detective turned Author. Vic is not only super interesting, but equally hilarious.  He has published six books, and from what we hear seven is on the way!

For more on Vic:

Facebook: vicferrarinypd
Twitter: @VicFerrari50
Instagram: vicferrari50

Where does the Tennessee House Speaker actually live?:
Tennessee GOP governor signs executive order strengthening background checks:
Death Row Inmate's Victim Opposes Execution She Fears Could Help DeSantis:,Ron%20DeSantis'%20potential%20presidential%20bid.
Idaho Bans Out-of-State Abortions for Minors Without Parent’s Consent:
Death Penalty Information:

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